Electric Motor Repairs and Rewinds

A major part of our business is the rewinding and repair of all types of rotating machinery.

At TRS®, we specialise in the rewinding and repair of all types of rotating machinery.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, we understand the importance of providing a fast and efficient service that meets our customers’ needs. Every job is important to us, and we prioritise delivering timely repairs without compromising on quality.

Electric Motor Repairs & Rewinds

When it comes to electric motor repairs and rewinds, several factors must be considered. We assess each repair job from multiple perspectives, taking into account the time required to properly repair the machinery while maintaining optimum efficiencies. We also consider the availability of a new replacement motor or equipment. Ultimately, our goal is to provide the best solution for our customers, whether it involves repair or replacement.

All our rewinding work adheres to the guidelines set by the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA). These industry standards ensure that the rewinding process maintains the performance efficiencies of the electric motors. By following the EASA guidelines, we guarantee that the rewound motors meet or exceed their original specifications.

Who Requires Electric Motor Repairs and Rewinds?

Electric motor repairs and rewinds are necessary for a wide range of businesses and industries that rely on rotating machinery. Some examples of industries that require this type of work include:

Manufacturing: Factories and production facilities utilize various electric motors in their machinery, such as conveyor systems, pumps, and compressors. Regular maintenance, repairs, and rewinding are essential to keep the manufacturing processes running smoothly.

Construction: Construction companies heavily rely on electric motors in construction equipment, cranes, hoists, and elevators. Keeping these motors in optimal condition is crucial for safety and efficiency on construction sites.

Energy and Utilities: Power generation plants, renewable energy facilities, and utility companies heavily depend on electric motors for their operations. Repair and rewinding services are vital to ensure uninterrupted power generation and transmission.

Commercial and Residential Services: HVAC systems, refrigeration units, elevators, escalators, and other building services utilize electric motors. Regular maintenance and timely repairs are essential to ensure reliable performance and comfort in commercial and residential spaces.

Benefits of Electric Motor Repairs and Rewinds

Cost Savings: Repairing and rewinding electric motors is often more cost-effective than replacing them with new ones. It allows businesses to extend the lifespan of their existing motors and avoid the significant expense of purchasing new equipment.

Reduced Downtime: Timely repairs and rewinding minimize downtime by quickly resolving motor issues. This ensures uninterrupted operations, prevents production delays, and avoids revenue losses associated with equipment breakdowns.

Improved Efficiency: Properly repaired and rewound electric motors maintain or improve their performance efficiencies. This results in energy savings, reduced operating costs, and enhanced overall system efficiency.

Sustainable Practices: Repairing and rewinding electric motors align with sustainable practices by promoting equipment reuse and reducing waste. It contributes to a more environmentally friendly approach to maintenance and equipment management.

Why Choose TRS® for Electric Motor Repairs and Rewinds?

TRS® is the leading service provider for electric motor repairs and rewinds for several reasons:

Expertise and Experience: We have a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in repairing and rewinding electric motors. Our technicians are trained to handle various types of motors and have a deep understanding of industry standards and guidelines.

Efficient Turnaround Time: We prioritize fast and efficient service, recognizing the time-sensitivity of motor repairs. Our streamlined processes and dedicated team ensure quick turnaround times, minimizing downtime for our customers.

Adherence to Standards: We strictly follow the guidelines set by the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) for rewinding.

Complete Lifetime Solutions

Our ability to provide complete lifetime solutions to its clients makes it unique in the marketplace. We do this by conducting comprehensive electrical and mechanical condition monitoring, rigging, removal, workshop or onsite repairs and maintenance, and re-installation and alignment of equipment. By offering these services, TRS® can handle the entire lifecycle of our clients’ rotating machinery, from installation to eventual replacement.


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