Laser Alignment

Ensuring the accurate alignment of rotating shafts in machinery.

Laser Alignment is a precision measurement technique used to ensure the accurate alignment of rotating shafts in machinery.

It addresses the issue of misalignment, which occurs when the center lines of two rotating shafts are not perfectly aligned. This misalignment can lead to various problems, including premature machine failure, increased stress on components, reduced productivity, excess vibration, and heat generation.

Laser Alignment

By using Laser Alignment, TRS® provides a rugged, reliable, and repeatable solution for shaft alignment. This advanced technology utilizes laser beams and sensors to precisely measure and assess the alignment of rotating shafts. The measurements are performed with high accuracy, enabling the detection and correction of even minute misalignments.

The benefits of choosing TRS® as your service provider for Laser Alignment are:

Enhanced Machine Reliability: Accurate shaft alignment ensures that the machinery operates within its designed specifications, minimizing stress on components such as bearings, seals, couplings, rotors, and shafts. This results in improved machine reliability, extended lifespan, and reduced risk of unexpected failures.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity: Proper alignment eliminates the excessive forces and friction caused by misalignment, reducing heat generation and vibration. This, in turn, optimizes machine performance, leading to increased efficiency, higher productivity, and improved product quality.

Cost Savings: By addressing misalignment issues proactively, TRS® helps to avoid costly repairs, unplanned downtime, and the need for frequent component replacements. Preventing premature failures and optimizing machine performance ultimately translates into significant cost savings for your business.

Expertise and Experience: Takahuri’s team of experienced professionals possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in Laser Alignment. They have a track record of successfully aligning a wide range of machinery across various industries, ensuring precision and accuracy in the alignment process.

Comprehensive Maintenance Program: Takahuri integrates Laser Alignment as part of a comprehensive maintenance program, combining it with other predictive tools and services. This holistic approach enables you to have a proactive maintenance strategy that maximizes the reliability and longevity of your machinery.

By partnering with TRS®, you can benefit from their rugged and reliable Laser Alignment solution, ensuring optimal alignment of your rotating shafts. This, in turn, leads to improved machine reliability, increased efficiency, cost savings, and the expertise of a trusted service provider.

Complete Lifetime Solutions

Our ability to provide complete lifetime solutions to its clients makes it unique in the marketplace. We do this by conducting comprehensive electrical and mechanical condition monitoring, rigging, removal, workshop or onsite repairs and maintenance, and re-installation and alignment of equipment. By offering these services, TRS® can handle the entire lifecycle of our clients’ rotating machinery, from installation to eventual replacement.


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